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As a leading financial services and advisory firm with over 30 years of track record, we work relentlessly and diligently in identifying the needs of our client, work out an optimal solution and execute the transaction towards a successful closure.

Our business service offerings have three primary verticals and are at all times in compliance with regulatory issues and guidelines as may be applicable to each such business vertical.


Merchant Banking & Equity Capital Market
Our merchant banking services include an exhaustive due diligence exercise before we engage

Private Equity Advisory Services
Our private equity (PE) advisory services help companies achieve higher growth and profitability.


CFM offers customized corporate advisory services to large and mid-size corporates in India.

Through an enriched network built on trust and, wisdom gained over two decades of experience,
we facilitate easy access to relevant debt capital for our clients from a broad range of debt products offered by local/international banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions.


Our operational canvas under Corporate Advisory Services include:

Debt Syndication
  • Project finance for greenfield and brownfield projects

  • Wholesale corporate debt, rupee loans and funds for working capital

  • Corporate bonds

  • Foreign currency credit in the form of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) and
    Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB)

  • Export Credit Agency (ECA) backed financing

Structuring appropriate financing solution and customizing the same to individual client’s needs
happens to be our forte.


Debt Restructuring
  • Business advisory and corporate debt restructuring

  • Services include Balance Sheet Restructuring, Corporate Finance Transactions


CFM is the sponsor of CFM Asset Reconstruction Private Limited (CFM ARC), a company licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in August, 2016. We offer asset management services that include improving asset quality and giving fair assessments to facilitate resolution and settlement of loans. We provide solutions to stress caused by internal policy shifts and at the macro level, stress due to economic slowdown.

CFM ARC specializes in identifying, evaluating (through a series of checks on multiple stress and sustainability parameters) and acquiring non-performing financial assets (loans) at the right price from various banks and financial institutions.

CFM ARC has an experienced and competent professional team with strong ethics and corporate governance in place with the ability to create out-of-the-box acquisition and resolution strategies on a case-to-case basis.

Our effort is driven towards creating a win-win outcome for all stakeholders including lending banks, the subject company in distress and the security receipt holders in each transaction.

The underlying theme has been to help acquire, restructure and revive a stressed company and bring it back to health within a given time span.


Steps of deal acquisition :

  1. Proposed fund requirement is obtained from market references OR directly client approaching us

  2. Details are obtained by connecting with client/ direct interactions/ video conference

  3. Queries are sent seeking additional documents/ background papers/ present request etc

  4. Teaser/ Information Memorandum is prepared in our format and approved internally (prior to circulation)

  5. Identify list of potential investors/ lenders (excluding ones already approached by client – get approved white list from client)

  6. Circulate teaser/ IM and obtain initial feeler on do-ability. Take forward if interest is visible else reject

  7. Execute mandate with commercials as mutually agreed (standard format for Mandate/NDA)

  8. Get detailed requirement for detailed due diligence from potential investor/ lender and assist till sanction & disbursal stage

  9. Fees to be collected on sanction/ first disbursal


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