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Incorporated on July 26, 1991, CFM provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions to growth-focused corporates by facilitating its growth, investment and strategic plans. Over the last three decades, we have not only carved a space and a niche for ourself in the Indian finance sector but also emerged as leaders and pioneers of the financial advisory industry.

The mandala tells the story of genesis and of creation, of how each atom had to come together to create an entire cosmos. CFM believes in the story of creating and growing a dream from its genesis to its exalting conclusion - all while carefully putting thought and innovation at the forefront.

We work closely with companies across all stages of their growth cycle by advising a mix of need-based options such as structured lending, fund raising, restructuring etc.

We specialise in bringing you efficient, well-planned & innovative advice. Our cutting-edge research and predictive analysis have the critical mass that generates trust among customers and other stakeholders.

Our expertise lie in tailoring our services and creating a bespoke plan of action for all your financial queries. Our insights provide growth focused solutions on key businesses such as Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Corporate Advisory and Stressed Asset Resolution.

With thought and careful planning at the forefront we not only ensure addressing current concerns but also look at future pitfalls that could arise.

CFM believes in putting trust and human relationships above all else. We recognise that large conglomerates are after all run by individual humans.

Our team comprises of dedicated professionals who exhibit a flexible and problem-solving approach. High professional and ethical standards, along with transparency are at the heart of our operations. Our clients include government undertakings, large corporate entities, manufacturers, banks etc. across all major sectors. To be more precise, we are sector agnostic.

Over the last 3 decades, we have arranged and executed transactions worth more than USD 40 billion.

Headquartered in idyllic surroundings at Ballard Estate in Mumbai, we have offices in downtown areas of Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

With team work and a strong guiding hand backed by endless connections and relationships built over our 30+ years of experience
- we bring you thoughtful innovation.




CFM incorporated
in Kolkata,
West Bengal


Headquarter relocated to Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sets up office in New Delhi


Sets up office
in Chennai,
Tamil Nadu


Obtains SEBI
Cat 1 Merchant Banking License


Sponsors & Sets up CFMARC; Gets RBI License


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A critical understanding of finance industry as well as various sector verticals - cutting edge research and strong predictive analysis.

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our insights help accelerate your capital to new heights with innovative solutions and an ability to think outside the box.

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Dynamic & Ever Growing
Strong Relationships

connections with banks, financial institutions and investors built on trust, efficiency and proof of work over the last 30+ years

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An Empathic

once we take on a mandate we not only advise but guide your hand through each growth cycle until it’s conclusion

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• Client is present in road construction business since 2005 and till now has had a regional presence in Gujarat & Maharashtra. It had been executing EPC for state road projects awarded by the PWD and State Authority ie MSRDC.

• As it gained expertise and improved its qualification parameters, the client ventured into National highway construction under the BOT HAM model of NHAI.

• Since these were of much larger size with considerably larger project cost, the company encountered challenge in obtaining financial closure for these projects. Concerns included its limited track record in NHAI projects, credit rating was not top notch (not in A category) and there was banker reluctance in addition due to sector and Covid slowdown.

• We structured the funding of Rs 480 Crs and Rs 710 Crs respectively for two newly awarded HAM projects. The strengths of the client were highlighted and the bankers’ concerns were properly addressed by suitable mitigants that were baked into the deal structure.

• We were successful in arranging funding tie-up for these prestigious road projects under Hybrid Annuity Model of NHAI. These were packages of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway Corridor and carry immense national significance in the infrastructure financing space/

• Guidance was also provided to the client on its credit rating from Crisil viz. how to present justification for an upgrade and to back it with rationale viz improvement in credit profile and the demonstrated execution capabilities in road sector. 



  • Client is Indian Private sector Bank since 2014 which facilitates infrastructure finance as per the RBI guidelines.

  • We structured the funding of Rs. 1000 crores for issuance of Basel III complaint Tier II Bonds.

  • For the above funding, we assisted the Bank in preparation of requisite documents which were crucial for the deal and also referred eligible investor.

  • We coordinated with the Bank on a regular basis, so as to minutely track the improvements and address the bottleneck well within the time frame so as to achieve the common purpose.

  • We even advised and engaged with the Bank to an extent possible in order to resolve stressed asset, so as to meet the end goal.

  • We were the pillar, who stood to the ground and delivered even when the global economy was in the recovery stage of Post COVID-19.

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