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The information disclosed in this section has been uploaded by Chartered Finance Management Private Limited (formerly known as Chartered Finance Management Limited) solely pursuant to the requirements of SEBI Circular No. CIR/MIRSD/1/2012 dated January 10, 2012 (the “Circular”) and for the limited purpose of the Circular, without having regard to specific objectives, suitability, financial situations or the needs of any particular person, and does not constitute any recommendation, and should be construed and understood from that perspective only. It should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, purchase or subscribe to any securities mentioned herein. Neither this information, nor anything else contained on this website, shall form the basis or to be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever. Nothing in this information is intended by us to be construed as legal, regulatory, accounting, tax or any other advice.  The information may not be construed as an advertisement, solicitation or performance indicator for future offerings by Chartered Finance Management Private Limited (“CFM”) under any jurisdiction.


The information disclosed on this website has been collated from various sources including, but not limited to, information obtained from the websites of BSE Limited (, The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (, websites of the respective issuer companies, annual reports of the respective issuer companies, certain databases such as etc. Such information has not been verified by us and neither CFM nor its affiliates and our directors and employees and the directors and employees of our affiliates accept or assume any responsibility for any inaccuracy of the information contained herein or any loss, whether direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential that may arise from or in connection with the use of this information or otherwise.


CFM does not take any responsibility that the information in this section is either adequate or accurate or complete for the purpose for which the person is accessing this information. The person accessing and utilizing the information in this section is accordingly advised to independently verify the information and satisfy himself on the adequacy, accuracy and completeness of the information for his specific requirement. Quoting reference of this information in any manner prejudicial to our interest is restricted. Further, anybody acting on the basis of the above will be doing so at their own risk.


We do not undertake to update the information contained herein except as required by applicable law or regulation.

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