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Unlock Your Growth Potential with
Innovative Financial Solutions

Om Porwal

Director, CFM

Embedded in every problem is an opportunity - this is the founding principle of CFM. I created this company

with the single vision of being the very best in the Indian finance sector. Our technical knowledge and single minded devotion to achieve this has grown CFM from a loan arranger to a leading syndicator - from there we grew into a full fledged financial advisory besides being investors in the emerging stressed asset market space.

A combination of expertise and instinct has led CFM to carve a space and a niche for itself in corporate finance.

We seek to leverage our knowledge in the shared economy by becoming a new age innovative financial

solution company. “Time is money, so why waste it” defines our management philosophy. Our network of

relationships and a combined experience of over 300+ years ensures that we not only become titans but also

pioneers in what we do. Putting trust, empathy and innovation above all else - CFM is a growth focused end to

end financial advisory that brings you powerful insights to help fulfil your dreams.

About Us


Incorporated on July 26, 1991, Chartered Finance Management Private Limited (CFM)(Formerly known as Chartered Finance Management Limited) provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions to growth-focused corporates.

The spectrum includes designing and aligning financing to the specific needs of our clients.


30+ years
of experience

SEBI registered
category I
merchant banker

40+ billion transactions

sponsor of

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Equity Capital Markets


We are emerging as a reliable advisor to large and mid-size corporates, SMEs as well as individual entrepreneurs within India and offer services to raise funds through capital markets. We have the capability and wherewithal to offer comprehensive financial advisory solutions and services.

Private Equity Advisory Services

CFM helps its client by sourcing, identifying, evaluating and executing investment & exit opportunities in India. Our Private Equity advisory services focuses on bringing together clients comprising large, mid and SME Enterprises and private equity investors, both institutional and individuals.


CFM offers customized corporate advisory services to large and mid-size corporates in India.

Through an enriched network built on trust and, wisdom gained over two decades of experience, we facilitate easy access to relevant debt capital for our clients from a broad range of debt products offered by local/international banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions.


CFM is the sponsor of CFM Asset Reconstruction Private Limited (CFM Arc), a company licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in August, 2016. CFM Arc specialises in identifying, evaluating (through a series of checks on multiple stress and sustainability parameters) and acquiring non-performing financial assets (loans) at the right price from various banks and financial institutions.

Our Services
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